Below you can follow three of my projects that went from first idea to working prototype.


An Autonomous

Model Vehicle

Hugo is not only a spectacular machine making you think of space research, but it is also a demonstration platform for a couple of advanced technologies, which all together result in a major total value: an autonomous vehicle, Hugo has an artificial intelligence..

Motor Control

FAC mechanics

The Motorstation can be used together with the FAC-System. Thanks to the powerful motor there is no need to turn the crank handle. It is possible to create advanced programs that control the motor in order to start, accelerate, pause and stop as desired.

A rugged console enclosure is privided with five buttons and a LED illuminated display. There is also a motor and a power supply.

Click on the link to FAC to have a closer look at the construktion kits.



  • Lamp to be mounted hanging from ceiling, length 150 cm
  • Internet of Things – capable through WiF.
  • By choice LAN is available when installed in large cluster
  • Light that is emitted will be mixed to form a homogeneous flow of light
  • Working prototype that can be further developed and has a great value in demonstration

Freddie Nilsson

Senior Electronics Engineer

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